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Payments, Pricing & Other Fees

  • Payment for Stage is due the day of Stage unless different arrangements are made prior to the Stage

  • We require a current credit card on file for renewals and damages​

  • Renewal Payments are due the day of renewal unless different arrangements are made prior to Due Date​

  • Late Payments are subject to a 5% late fee; Late Payment are defined as any payments not made on, or before, due date, excepting a previous agreement set upon with Furniture Escorts, LLC representative

Contract Review
  • Lease extensions that are less than a month are calculated on a weekly basis.

    • A 1-week extension is calculated at 40% of the 1-month renewal rate

    • A 2-week extension is calculated at 60% of the 1-month renewal rate​

    • A 3-week extension is calculated at 80% of the 1-month renewal rate

Signing a Contract
Late De-Stages
  • We require Two Business Day notice for De-Stages.

  • Expedited De-Stages may be subject up to a $50 Fee

  • De-Stages completed after due date, whether due to unavailability of stager or homeowner, is subject to a Past Due lease rate calculated at 1-week renewal.

  • De-Stage requests received after the due date will be subject to a minimum of 1-week renewal lease rate.

Client Responsibility
  • Furniture is for display purposes only

  • Furniture Escorts Delivery Team must have easy/reasonable access to property to be Staged, i.e. no driveways under construction, mud paths, etc.. This is for the safety of our employees, up to the discretion of Delivery Team

  • The Client takes full responsibility for merchandise once the Delivery Ticket is signed, and may be held financially responsible for (up to) the retail value disclosed on the Delivery Ticket for any piece(s) damaged, including in Occupied Stages.

  • Occupied stages must be disclosed at time of estimate. Failure to do so may incur up to 15% mark-up on stage. This fee is to cover light cleaning and touch-ups, however furniture in Occupied Stages is for display use only, and Client is still responsible for any damages to furniture. 

  • Outdoor furniture is to be used in covered areas only

  • If Client requests outdoor furniture be placed by Furniture Escorts, LLC representative, or places the furniture themselves, in an unprotected area, they are responsible for all damages, to include but not limited to: Water damages, Staining, Fading, etc.

Credit Card
Other Fees

Light Delivery Fee: For any stage under $300, we will be charging a $50 Light Delivery Fee

Restocking Fee: Pieces sent back from a stage may be subject to a Restocking Fee of 25%, at the discretion of the Delivery team.

Late Cancellation: Any Stages/De-Stages canceled/postponed after 12 p.m. noon the day before the Stage may be subject to a $50 Late Cancellation Fee.

Lockout / Trip Fee:

  • If Delivery Team is not able to gain access to a De-Stage there will be a $50 Trip Fee.

  • If Delivery Team is not able to gain access to a scheduled Stage, the booking may be subject to a $50 Trip Fee, plus Restocking Fee on the entire order. 

Late Destages

We accept checks, and all major credit cards, including Visa,

American Express, and MasterCard.





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Need to extend your Stage Contract? No problem. We offer affordable extensions. 





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We know scheduling mishaps happen, but in case of a late De-Stage, familiarize yourself with our rates below. 



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We love our hand-picked furniture, and ask your help in keeping it beautiful. We ask that all our Stagers familiarize  themselves with our

Client Responsibility section.

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Client responsibility
Occupied Stages
Other Fees
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